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Patch 2.3.1

Improve all ep9 properties.(next version)
Improve level4-9 superior properties.(already finished)
Improve star success rate.(already finished)
fix ep9 same stars +HP.(already finished)
fix star bug.(already finished)
change items stack number 99 to 999.(already finished)
add rank 10.(next version.40%)
add rank 11.(next version.40%)
add rank 12.(next version.40%)
wings with properties.(next version)
refine party.(already finished)
Chinese version skills.(already finished)




will be released in this week.

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There are 8 Comments to "Patch 2.3.1"

  • Shana1 says:

    GM It would be nice to know what the patch updates mean like for example you said you fix max pet apt…and you changed to chinese ver skills wth does that mean -_-;;;;;;; I WANT lucky stone for E9 TOO!

  • holykill says:

    because some one killed u your going to get them ban lame dont you think now if the guy was bug then i understand but geting some one ban for no reson

  • Nemsus says:

    What to say guys,you are fucking awsome :) Keep good work ;)

  • Makimaki11 says:

    Zuroot what do u mean improve all 4-9 SUPERIOR properties? U mean that superior gear has bad properties?

    Btw can u add to this…somehow fixed price for charts superior 9? 775k gold is just too much for them seriously…

    Also all Superiors should be cheaper than epics recipes. Give this to “to do” list as well. Now everyone is making epics and game is for many ppl becoming boring, so let’s there be more variety.

    Also some prices, ppl plead that u lower prices for silk, cut u make prices in steps for example? Like Silk V is worth 1/5 price of silk VIII for example. Silk VI cant have same price as SILK VII, it’s not logical.

    And also if there is no gathering yet…please give some silks into daily caskets, u can take them away later. I know u kinda dont wanan do that, cuz otherwise u would loose some profit, but how much profit there is on sliks now, if everyone is using disenchanting furnaces for them.

    So do this more systematically. It will not take much time, surely, cuz there is not much of script work, just some finishing touches in mall and dailes.

    Btw prices for Spars are now good.

  • SoloKiller says:

    what happend with sparing items after 10 stars should be safe but my item from rank 13 goes down for 2 stars

  • Shana1 says:

    …….I hope this patch is soon just wasted almost 9mil bones trying to rank my dam e9 -_- so pissed off!

  • Drac says:

    Great work. Thanks!

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