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Patch 2.3.2

Fix life skills.(already finished)
Improve mobs drops
Fix train stunt double
Fix ranking
Add lucky stone.( Mall->Character->Gear->)
Improve sparring success rate.
Improve all ep9 properties.(already finished)
Improve level4-9 superior properties.(already finished)
Fix Quest for senior Immortal
Add lvl 300 herbs soul herb and giseng
Fix Dragon Lord quest Fix Chief Demon Shark quest 197lvl in WCP
Fix the righteous pagoda only players that is less than 270 can do pagodas.
Fix Richest Elder quests

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There are 11 Comments to "Patch 2.3.2"

  • delacruz1000 says:

    GM u said u fixed life skills where???? Isn t working at all …

  • saleh1111 says:

    zuroot there Lucky stone lvl 8-9 ??

  • carence00 says:

    I did the download of this new patch and it didnt worked… when it open the laucher and i play to enter (already updated to 2.3.1) it just disapear and nothing else more happen… what must i do?:/

  • rowelskie says:

    GM need ur help..i locked my items and forgot passcode can u help plz?..

  • 103tvjen says:

    The server has become laggy now, my character refuses to auto aoe, when it does, it starts locking onto a nearby monster and walks towards it…any chance this can be fixed?
    Everything was perfect before this patch

  • faer30567 says:

    Gm fix my pet its bugged with 0.00% on skill level feed it alot of
    Pet spell bolus and still at 0.00% fix plz or help atlest..thanks!

  • Makimaki11 says:

    I dont have a single word for the latest patch..I thought spells were for lvl 210+, but instead we got spells, which arent really helping and have lowered certain skills.

    And lucky stones…those who buy gold will stay others will leave. Is that the point u want to make Gamemaster?

    Nowhere even stated epics will be having different stats, only superior from 4-9 and epic 9 improved properties.

    Now superiors have same defense as epic or what? I cant see that cuz i cant make any s8, not to be saying about s9, which charts are expensive so much, that i could spend fortune on them alone.

    I know u working hard, there is many things to fix, but if this continues, u will be fixing things for nothing, cuz all players will leave. Me among them, even though i supported this dev team so much, i cant agree on last few things. i also bought gold and such, but…i dont wish to buy gold under these circumstances anymore.

    Yday i made 6 moons on e7, just to see today’s dmg lowered? Honestly i dont know what to think…At this point i’m wasting my life with the game, especially cuz cant afford things just like that. With one click.

    Please reconsider and give POOL to vote. i would like to vote on this.

  • saleh1444 says:

    same here.. and reduce from player DMG/def wht was that.. !! plz make stone 8-9 or u gonna lose many player..

  • Drac says:

    You need to place lucky stone 8 & 9 also. I just ruined my e9 16 star boots and even though it says 70% succ i cant get it past 5 star…. Something is wrong there…

  • Drac says:

    Zuroot please change items required to Rank e9 Armor. Epic 9 armor require 3x Stone IX while e9 Weapon only requires 1 stone. Stone IX is too expensive to make!!! Each cost more than 4 million bones to refine.

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