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Patch 2.3.4

fix Attacking Spar III &Defensive Spar III price.(finished 08/23/2014)
online reward bone x20.(finished 08/23/2014)
fix items drop when player pvp death.(finished 08/21/2014)
fix e9 ranking need 1 stone ix
add life skills tutorial
Change to old items effect.(except dmg. pd. md)
Change to old skills.
Fix Lucky stone price.
fix guild pvp(next version)
fix amber stone. all items can use it.
Fix materials needed to rank armor e9 which needs 3x Stone IX
Fix life skills.(finished 08/21/2014)
Improve mobs drops
Fix train stunt double.(finished 08/23/2014)
Fix ranking
Improve sparring success rate.
Fix Quest for senior Immortal
Add lvl 300 herbs soul herb and giseng
Fix Dragon Lord quest Fix Chief Demon Shark quest 197lvl in WCP
Fix the righteous pagoda only players that is less than 270 can do pagodas.
Fix Richest Elder quests

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