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Need fix in next patch.

Green: fixed
the name of border guard in xun is tai border guard.
bewitch caver doesn’t work.
Noble titles don’t give exp.
fix chain addition on epic 9..
right click the item to go inside the trade list..
fix moonmaiden trap spells to work in pvp.
make q target opposite faction players.
other faction player can join team..
No.1 title.
rickets elder quests.
No.1 statue pk buff.
Honor exchange.
add faction change token.
pet level 300.
lvl 300 cant feed any pet exp to pet .
Fix the RP on high lvl and in doing inside on rp,dv or bh there said sometimes you cannot attack on safe area.
daily fortune casket ,when we auto open it we will just get silk 1 or stone 1.
team bonus. like the old zu, it must not be on limited distance .
add message from old Zu when a player from your faction kills another player from a different faction. The message would indicate which player got the kill, against which faction and the location as well.
remove monsters drop level difference.
Ti-tsang dmg bug(talent skills bug).
Remove invalid talent skills from shortcuts.
sm ep9 boots(Mirage Boots lv280) display error.
RP doesnt work for higher level 270+.
add more mobs for mass quests.
dmg bug.
pet gear 260 the chineses ones it does not give right pd and md.
Test UI patch.
talent bug.
change map the wings don’t show.
rank 10.
righterous pagoda cant aoe.
fix FC cant open when you make lvl 280+.
pt bonus is limited to distance.
auto partying.
succ rate on sparring.
Add lucky stone.
cant do bh anymore plus my t-map is bugged.
SM ep7 weapon icon.
SM ep7 suit(Scaly Pendant.
Vote System .
Tieh-Kuan-Yin , Pet Spell Bolus and Spirit Trining Bolus doesn’t work.
Moonfire doesn’t work.
Moonmaidens aoe attack.
Pet health. change to when player death. pet health -(100+30%~50%)
Fix pvp
Kill without getting red name while u kill another faction`s player.
Faction contribution.(Triloka Token+50,Triloka Token from Fortune Casket, Interlink quest+100 a day, kill other camp player+20)
Honor and honor shop(Kill enemy).
talents points.(When your character reaches level 30, you are given the first talent point. And after that you will obtain one talent point every 3 levels you reach)
can’t remove people from guild.( Double click select user in guild member list )
you can’t leave guild.
can’t demote or promote someone in guild.
Titles doesn’t work.
Area Occupation event.
Interlink quest isn’t working.
Commercial Travel doesn’t work.
Pet spell.
Add all spells to the pet,ride speed/pet backpack slot.
Make SHAPESHIFTING BOLUS work for pet.
Fix password recovery.
PVP Rebirth(“Recreate body”).
Bone from mobs.
GDS and GAS price .

Someone can submit more info?



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